CoPilot Podcast med Paal Kaperdal

CoPilot Podcast med Paal Kaperdal

Her er et sammendrag fra Kelly Moulton fra CoPilot (Venture Capital):

«I sat down recently with Paal Keperdal to discuss the launch of SmartBoat One, a hardware + software product that digitizes your boat. 

The product keeps watch over your battery level, the water level in the boat, the movement of the boat (ie is a storm coming while the boat is docked and you are away) — and it sets a geo fence so it detects if your boat has left a certain area. It keeps track of your movement so your loved ones always know where you are. 

Paal and his team launched in July and sold out the first production batch of 1000 units within a few months — and they have established a number of partnerships in an impressive short space of time as well — from over 60 dealers in Norway, to Redningsselskapet (Norway´s marine rescue service) to Fremtind insurance.

Here is what Paal has to say about SmartBoat One and his journey to date (and what’s to come in 2020).»

Hvis du vil se hele intervjuet kan du klikke på denne linken: